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Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I’m sure many of you, as Buyers, have walked into a house for sale and then immediately walked out.  The house felt dirty, unkept, wasn’t appealing to look at or be inside of, and just didn’t give you a good feeling overall.  This is the very reason why we feel it is so important to get your house ready and in “showing condition” before putting it on the market.  Many Sellers will ask us why this is necessary in this fast paced market, but in our opinion, it makes it even more necessary.  If a house has been sitting on the market for weeks or months, the first thing most Buyers think is that there must be something wrong with the house.  So as Sellers, you want to do everything possible to make your house as appealing to Buyers when they first walk through the door.

Freshening paint can do wonders for a house.  Rooms that are small should have lighter paint to help them look larger, and sticking to neutral colors that will appeal to the masses is usually the best choice.  Cleaning the carpets is a must, and depending on the condition and age of the carpet, it may even be necessary to replace them prior to showings.  Even though carpet is something simple and easy that a Buyer could do on their own, the appearance of worn or dirty carpets can affect the overall look and feel of the home and turn some Buyers away.  De-cluttering your home is also essential.  You want Buyers to see your house, the beautiful details, and maybe the vintage charm.  You don’t want them looking at your grandma’s tea cup collection and what books you read instead of noticing the details of the house. So de-clutter, de-clutter and then de-clutter some more.  Your house will feel bare to you, but will look great to a Buyer.  It is also important to properly stage your house with furniture.  The proper placement of the right furniture can make rooms feel larger and more open, and in many cases, can help the Buyer visualize how the room can be set up for when they move into it.

We know that the task of getting your house ready to go and doing all these things can be daunting and overwhelming, but it does make a difference and will help your house to sell quicker and for more money.   We are here to help and have preparation process down to a science, so please call us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you this Spring!

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