Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season and end to the decade!

2020 has already proven to be a busy and exciting real estate market.  We have received numerous calls from Buyers looking for and anxious to purchase a home, and have already written offers for a number of Buyers where they were in a multiple offer situation and the houses, once again, went for over asking price.   Inventory is still low, and it appears Buyers are ready to go much earlier than expected in this very early “spring market”.  This makes it a great time to list your home and get it on the market before others do to take advantage of the surge of Buyers that are making their rounds so early in the season.  This can likely be attributed to the the very low interest rates that have continued to linger as well as the pent up demand that still exists from the past few years.

Please give us a call so we can help to get your house on the market and take advantage of the frenzied Buyers that are already out there searching for a home.  And if you are one of the frenzied Buyers : ), you will need an experienced agent like us to help navigate the low inventory and possible multiple offers.  We are always here to help.


Laurie Erb & Jennifer Steelman



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