Is Denver Too Expensive for Millenials?

According to recent studies, Denver is getting too pricey for the millennials.  Interesting assessment and I have to wonder what that means for Denver’s future.  Will the market adjust to compensate?  Will we see a drop-0ff in population growth leading to an increase in average earnings? Time will tell, but as a wise man once said, […]

The “Pot Effect” on Denver’s Hou

CNN Money reports on the potential impact of marijuana on Denver’s housing industry.  It’s an interesting perspective, but I can’t say I fully agree with their assessment.  In fact, I believe it’s just a bunch of people blowing smoke (you’re welcome). The biggest factor forcing the tremendous upswing, in my humble opinion, is the lack […]

Denver Market Update (April 2015)

Our dramatic “Sellers Market” continues as strong as ever through April and early May. The desirability of many Central Denver neighborhoods has never been greater, nor has the demand. In most of Central Denver, all price ranges from entry level to high end are selling rapidly, although the under $400,000 range is breathtakingly competitive. First […]

Denver Market Update (March 2015)

Dear Friends and Neighbors: Spring is here (at least until the next snowfall!) and the grass is greening up. In no way have buyers been waiting for spring weather to search for a home. They have been out in full force since early-mid January. It’s the sellers who are lagging behind in our current market. […]

Purchasing a Home 101

You want to buy a home!  It’s exciting.  It’s overwhelming.  It’s complicated.   Writing an Offer to Purchase Real Estate Once you find the home you want to buy, the next step is to write an offer – which is not as easy as it sounds.  Your offer is the first step toward negotiating a […]

Denver Market Update (Feb 2015)

By now most everyone who is even slightly aware of real estate trends knows that the market conditions are dire as far as the low number of available properties for sale, both in detached and attached housing. The statistics show that the current market is so strongly in favor of sellers like nothing I have […]