Bonnie Brae

One of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city, Bonnie Brae (meaning “Pleasant Hill” in Gaelic) was originally designed in the style of a small Scottish village…

…with curving streets, circular central park and stately homes. Architectural styles include English Tudors and Cape Cods as well as brick ranches — a mix resulting, in part, from multiple development booms. The creation of Ellipse Park in 1936 sparked construction of homes in the 40s and 50s. Bonnie Brae Boulevard showcases an interesting collection of architectural styles, including International Style and Art Moderne.

Much of Bonnie Brae’s appeal comes not only from being a short walk to local eateries, boutiques, spas and the library, but also its proximity to Washington Park and the Cherry Creek shopping district.

Local development along University Boulevard has seen a spark in recent years, with the completion of the nearby Cherry Creek Mall and shopping centers, as well as several condominium and luxury apartment complexes along the Boulevard. In Bonnie Brae itself, new developments give way to renovation and preservation of the classic and historic homes that make up the community neighborhood.