Park Hill

One of the city’s most treasured neighborhoods, Park Hill is anchored by its grand homes and stately boulevards and parkways.

This diverse neighborhood is also home to bungalows, Tudors, brick ranches and everything in between – a mix that can only be understood through its development history. Baron von Winckler left his country in disgrace over a faux pas involving the Kaiser Wilhelm I and bought and developed a tract of land just east of City Park, an expansive park that was created during The City Beautiful movement. Despite the Baron’s clever marketing efforts, he deemed his development a failure and committed suicide in 1898. This led to a syndicate that later bought and subdivided the land further. These subdivisions had their own lot sizes and architectural styles, which accounts for the diversity. With all of these subdivisions, some of these early developers worked to unify the neighborhood by extending streetcar lines and created more tree-lined boulevards and parkways than exist in any other Denver neighborhood. Later development in what is now known as North Park Hill resulted in the construction of more modest ranch style dwellings.

In addition to groupings of stores and cafes tucked throughout the neighborhood as well as a beautiful public library, Park Hill has a charmed location right across from City Park. Included in this picturesque park is the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, a golf course, a small lake and expansive greenspace, walking paths and playgrounds.